I’m starting a blog!

Why does this sound suspiciously like the song: They’re coming to take me away—haha, hehe, hoho—they’re coming to take me away…

Or at least that’s what it sounds like to me.  Of course, I am by nature suspicious, over-analytical, pessimistic, and slightly paranoid.

But not, clearly, beyond taking someone else’s insane suggestion.

Perhaps I’d better back up and explain.  I have a degree in technical theater and creative writing, which should explain why I’m working in a coffee bar.  I’m not really doing any freelance writing, because it’s like tackling a mountain—I might have the gear, but that doesn’t mean I know a dang thing about climbing.   I know it is dangerous to go climbing alone and I lost my network of writing buddies long ago.

But I work in a coffee bar and I get a chance to chat up people from all over the place, including freelance writers.  So far they all have said: “You should start a blog.”  And a little bit of looking into it says most writers have at least one blog.

So I’ll just fit myself in at the base the mountain, one climber among millions, and get to work.  Because, heaven knows, I’m well equipped for this.  I don’t have Twitter and I just got rid of my outdated, skeletal Facebook page.  I know how to write, but I’m out of practice.  My gear and knowledge are four years old.  I have not the foggiest what exactly I’m in for or what I’m really doing.

A lot of writer’s theme their blogs—I don’t have a niche right now, so I’m calling this a salmagundi, which is an utterly epic word meaning a mixture or miscellany.  It’s also a type of meat salad.

I’m using the title Strange Salmagundi because salmagundi was already taken.

I’m starting a blog—haha, hehe, hoho—they’re coming to take me away…


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