Am I overworking this?

I am beginning to suspect I think too much.

Many people I know would say, “It took you this long to figure that out?”

Well, no, but it’s taken me this long to really establish the implications of that.

For instance, I’m currently trying my hand at steampunk, though against my better judgment.  It’s kind of a sub-example of what I’m talking about though: I dislike steampunk because no one makes an effort to make it work within the boundaries of science and history—or at least no one I’ve read  so far.  And the premise is…let’s just say off.  Somewhere someone makes the assumption that the premise just works, which it doesn’t.  The steam power has several glaring problems that no one bothers to mention: the need for a ridiculous amount of fuel, the need for a ridiculous amount of water, the inefficiency of the original steam engine itself…not to mention the social and historical implications of giving Victorians that much technological power.  I mean, what does that do to colonialism?  The industrial revolution?  Women’s suffrage?  World War One?  (Though, actually, I’ve got a pretty good notion how that goes—it’s bigger and bloodier than it was in real life and that’s not an implication that I want to deal with.)  And don’t get me started on the stuff they’re asking clockwork to do.

But, because whining does nothing, I’m actually trying it myself.  I’ve got the technological details mostly hammered out, but I’ve run into a slight hiccup with the social niceties of the time—namely, they’re complicated.  So I bought a book on everyday life in the 1800s, which is great, but for some reason it only covers life in the U.S.  Not the place you normally think of when talking about the Victorian Era.  And it doesn’t even touch on the manners of the time…

Do you see what I mean?  All this thought going into a genre where nobody seems to care how it works but me.  I could just say it works and move on.  All this extra thought and doubt and considerations are giving me a headache, but I can’t seem to let go.

And I don’t know why…


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