There was a talent search yesterday going on that the hotel I work at.  Most of the contestants were young, enthusiastic,  and needed to grow more.

Now don’t get me wrong.  At one point I looked into modeling.  Many actors I knew did it as a segue to something else, which is fine.  I recognize it’s a difficult, stressful, short-lived career choice.  But I also feel that in some cases is should be an adult career choice.

Yes, advertisements for places like Limited Too and Baby Gap need models, I suppose, but I looked at all those teenyboppers going by and I thought:  “Good lord girls, grow breasts and hips before you do this, will you?  Get a little curve to yourselves,” or “Boys, just…just grow shoulders.  At least shoulders.”  These aren’t potential models – these are sticks.

Okay, okay, fine.  I know this is a field you have to start early in.  From a practical standpoint, I understand.  But I think people who have no stable personality shouldn’t spend excessive time in a field that idolizes physical appearance.  Too many teenagers are shallow already.  Let them become people before making them objects.

And speaking of starting much too early:  little, little kids – okay, fine, they’re cute.  They probably won’t be permanently scarred by the experience.  It’s an age where you can try lots of new things without hurting yourself or getting in serious trouble and you can always run back to mommy if the going gets tough.  Nobody cares if you crack under the strain when you’re four.  But by the time you hit ten, you should probably stop.  ‘Cause it’s just creepy.  Too old to be cute and much, much, much to young to be sexy, you should wait until you’re at least 16.  Or, better still, 18.  Because at that age, all you are is advertising fodder and pedophile bait.  And continuing to try and be cute past age 10?  That can get irritating real quick.  There’s nothing more annoying then someone genuinely trying to be cute.  And when I say ‘cute’ I mean the cutesy-wutsey type of cute.  Nermal cute.  In short: you’re growing up, for heaven’s sake, accept the fact and move on.  Don’t wave your body around going, “Gosh and golly gee – aren’t I attractive?”  You’ll only annoy your peers and attract attention of the wrong sort of people.

Speaking of the wrong kind of people though – child models are only encouraging them.  Really, companies like Disney just needs to learn to keep its hands off.

Okay, so maybe this is an old-fashioned notion brought on by traumatic experiences from childhood.  Say what you will about it.  The internet is the world’s biggest street corner.  No one is obligated to listen to my opinions.


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