Ghost Stories

I love a good ghost story.  I also love a good story, regardless of whether it has ghosts or not, but I have to admit that little spine tingling thrill you get when you read a good ghost story is very appealing.  We all like to be just a little bit scared.  I think that’s so we can get over it and feel just a little bit braver when we’re done.

But, the real Halloween question, do I actually believe in ghosts?

Well…I don’t actively disbelieve in them.  No doubt that annoys the die-hard believers and disbelievers, but I was raised by scientifically minded people, so mustering an active disbelief is a fairly big accomplishment.  I do know  that there are things that cannot be explained.  That’s not a belief – that’s knowledge.  But because they can’t be explained I’m not going to try.  I’ll leave that to the professionals.  That’s why they’re professionals.

And, I’ll admit, there’s a chance these things are dangerous.  That’s every reason not to mess around.  It’s like…it’s like the unexplained is a hole in the ground.  There is a hole there.  We can all see the hole.  No one is denying it’s there.  But is it a copperhead hole?  I don’t know.  Am I going to stick my hand in to find out?

Hell no.

I’m not stupid.  (Well, not consistently anyway.)  I’ve read enough ghost literature that I don’t need to get in trouble to prove to myself that it’s real.  I don’t care if it’s real or not.

As for ghosts themselves:  I work in a haunted hotel – I have never seen a ghost or been bothered by them.  I’m not sure they care.  But I know people who have and I won’t deny their experience.  Life is much less fun when everything can just be explained away.

Besides, it does make for a good story.


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