Business Card: Catch 22

I’ve been trying to come up with business cards for this blog and I’m having a little trouble with it.  It’s hard to find something that expresses the appropriate amount of insanity without being unprofessional.

I’ve tried making them myself, but so far my normally creative mind has drawn a complete blank.  The simple solution is, of course, just to order them online.  Only trouble?  Budget of zero.  Absolutely zip.

Solution: free business cards.  The website advertises on the back of the card, I get the front and everyone’s happy.

Well…not quite.  Free business cards have a limited number of designs you can use and I’m having trouble finding one that conveys the appropriate amount of insanity without being unprofessional.  Solution: buy business cards.  I found this one with a little girl leading a rhino that seemed to work.  Problem: budget is nonexistent.

But now that I have a design, I can make my own right?

Not really.  I don’t exactly have the same options as a professional printer, which is say I can’t afford all that ink.

Looks like it’s the free business cards again.


You see where this is going, right?  It’s the Catch 22 that’s everyone’s been struggling with for years.  What you need you don’t have because you need what you don’t have to get what you need.


A word of advice: when titling a blog, pick something easy to spell and forget the business cards entirely.


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