Politics and the Elephant on the Couch

I was planning on voting today, but I ran into an issue which I think may explain a bit about why Americans aren’t rushing to the ballots.

Not only do I not know anything about the local candidates or issues, I also can’t find anything.

After two hours of searching the only thing I turned up was the paperwork that said it was legal for them to run for office.  There’s nothing to say what they’re supposedly running for.  No political agendas, no official plans, no declarations of opinion – nada.

Oh, I found a lot of mudslinging – name-calling, accusations, criminal records, past transgressions that aren’t a crime but should be.  And I found a lot of reports about how the candidates who just had said mud stick to them are fine, upstanding citizens with distinguished careers and high morals.

Believe it or not, I could care less.

I already know the candidates are a mix of bad and good.  I assume they have committed a number of crimes, both moral and legal, and I assume they have done some good for their country and community.  They’re human beings as well as politicians.

I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior.  I’m just saying I don’t give a damn.  If I tried to judge them on moral grounds alone, I’d have washed my hands of the matter already.  Their ability to cheat, steal, and lie are moot points considering the government we’ve already got working for us.   What is really bothering me is the lack of substance here.  I cannot find what the candidates platforms are.  I cannot find how they did in office last year.  I can barely find what the offices their running for are supposed to do.  I can find plenty of crap, but no useful crap.

Yes, I know the platforms are probably a joke.  “Politicians lie” is almost and American mantra.  But if I’ve got to vote on something, I’d rather it be on what the candidates are supposed to be running for rather than the quality of their PR department.

By the way, this does seem to be a local problem.  I can find these things for the presidential race – of course, I can also find that Obama is a robot and Romney is an alien.  Everything for that election has been looked at under a microscope.

But nobody does this for local elections and I don’t understand why.  Maybe it’s all that mud.  It’s like everyone is happy to start slinging it, but nobody knows why it’s being thrown.

How are we supposed to vote if we don’t know what we’re voting for?


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