You still have much to learn, grasshopper

You know that scene in every martial arts/coming of age film where the young student things he’s totally got a maneuver covered and then the old master comes in and kicks his ass?  This is usually followed by some sort of lesson on the part of the old master, which can often be reduced to, “Here is what you did wrong, dumbass, now stop giving me lip?”

Well, I’m still waiting for the lesson, but, boy, I’ve certainly been beat.

I’m trying really hard not to turn this blog into one long whine, but I have had one of those weeks that has oh-so-cheerfully put me through the wringer and I feel I owe anyone keeping up with this blog (hello?  Are you out there?  Post a comment, so I can see you) some sort of explanation.

Only trouble is, I haven’t really got one.  Um…this week was rather hectic…and that’s it.  Can I go into further detail?  Sure, but it’s not really that interesting and I don’t remember most of it.  It’s all a big blur.  I remember working the early shift for a while.  The very early shift.  I remember guilt-tripping my ultra-successful younger brother to come home for Thanksgiving.  I’ve bribed him with a chance to something new – travel by train.  I’ve been slowly making notes for the mystery novel I want to write.

Really what I’ve been doing is all the things I do every week, only more so and about a thousand times faster.  I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet and I’m sitting in one of those low periods where I’m not sure I ever will.

But there’s no point in quitting now.  One of the weird advantages of being reduced to one path is that you can’t flake out and change them.  You’re stuck and you just have to dust yourself and go at it again.  It’s comforting, in a way.  And it’s good practice, though for what I’m not sure.  Maybe for swallowing your pride.

Yeah, that’s it.  We’ll call that this week’s lesson and move on.


One thought on “You still have much to learn, grasshopper

  1. Hey there “Grasshopper” – we all still have much to learn, it’s never ending. At least your are smart and brave enough to admit it – Kudos to you!


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