642 Things to Write About

I recently purchased a book entitled 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.  It’s about three-quarters of an inch worth of incredibly random writing topics.

I sort of bought it on a whim, but it’s going to explain great deal about what this blog is going to come up with for probably the next several months.  You might want to consider this a warning then.  We are going deeper into random than I’ve ever gone before, so if you want off, now would be the time.

Ah, what am I saying?  This is a thing you can quit at any time.  I certainly don’t have any control over that.  Just suggesting that things are about to get even more disconnected than they already are.  Expect more articles like the one about peas.

Unfortunately, not all the things in this book are applicable to a blog post like the ones I’m doing here.  Many of them call for scenes and short stories that I won’t subject you to.  Well, won’t subject you to here anyway.

Shoot, I’m running out of things to say about this.  I just got back from the Origins gaming con in Columbus, Ohio where I unexpectedly did not have internet access, so this is a bit last minute.


Nope.  That’s it.  I’ve got nothing else.  Appreciate the short post today.

By the way, thanks to everyone who made Origins awesomely epic.  Which was pretty much all of you.  Catch you all next year.


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