Are we having pun yet?

I got into a conversation with my brother last night about puns.  I’m not entirely certain why – it was just one of those things that cropped up while we were talking.  Maybe it was because recently I sat through a half-hour of mime puns (don’t ask why – it involves murderous mimes and makes perfect sense in context, but if I try to explain, we’ll both be here all day), including: a mime is a terrible thing to waste; careful, the floor is mimed; all their guns have silencers; they’re all silent killers; you have the right to remain silent…and it went on and on like that.  I was in stitches the whole time.

Which is weird, because I’ve never found puns funny before.

I’m mean, okay, I’d occasionally I’d run into one that I could credit with at least being clever.  Even less often I found one that I can grant with a small smile.  But usually I can face them with a deadpan expression and a raised eyebrow.

Or at least I used to be able to.

Now I’m laughing.  Or groaning.  Or both.

I’m not quite sure what happened.  Maybe I’m mellowing out as I get older.  Maybe I’m developing a higher threshold for low humor.

Actually…where do puns fall on the “scale” of humor?  If “high” humor includes satire and wit, do puns count?  Or are they situational comedy and “low” humor?

Who came up with this scale anyway?  And since when have I ever paid attention to scales in general?


There’s a possibly there’s something wrong with me.


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