What writer’s block feels like

Yet another post from out friends at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

What does writer’s block feel like?


Okay, take a big block, preferably made out of something heavy, like lead.  Or dark matter.  Or collapsed stars.   Set it on your keyboard, in front of your screen, or set it in the middle of the paper you’re trying to write on.

Now – write.

Yep.  Go ahead.  Put all those little words down on paper.  Do that 40 wpm thing.  Go for it.

I’m sorry, have you not started yet?  You’re on a deadline, you know.  You may not actually be on deadline, but you feel like you are. God help you if you actually are.

Work.  Go on.

Oh my.  Gee.  It’s almost like something’s in your way.  Well, don’t worry about it.  It doesn’t actually exist.  It’s not actually real.  It’s just a product of your psyche.  Just start writing.  You’ll power through it.

You ever try to lift dark matter?  Or a collapsed star?  You’re not writing through it, that’s for sure.  They’ll tell you it’s not there, but it is.  Oh, gods, it’s there – big and dark and heavy and utterly immobile.  Trying to merely plow through it is like trying to swim through grease.  And the worst part of it is no one can see it or feel it but you.  You’re all alone, staring at that big ugly block and thinking:  “Now what?”

Now what?


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