Gainfully Unemployed

I lost my job this past week.

I like the term “lost” better than “laid off,” “fired,” “terminated,” “downsized,” or even “quit.”  “Lost” just makes it sound like I temporarily misplaced it.

The details are simple really: someone I served coffee to decided that she felt ignored and complained to her boss, her boss wrote an email to the general manager.  Since this was the third time someone walked away offended while I was working, I was pulled from the coffee bar.  I couldn’t, and I quote: “Be successful there.”

I was offered a position working in housekeeping/laundry, but I turned it down.   I have several reasons for doing so, both good and real, but I’ll leave them up to your imagination.

The other two incidents were similar circumstances: the first I snapped at someone I shouldn’t have.  The second I made an off-handed comment that upset someone and another employee reported me.  Did you know there is actually a “whistle-blower law” that protects people who do that kind of thing?  Curiously, I did, which is why I haven’t said much about it up to this point.

That is the bare bones of what happened and I’ll swear in a court of law that I haven’t said anything untrue.

Obviously, however, I have my opinions.  So does everyone else I know.  But, just to prove there are no hard feelings, I’m not going to issue any of them.   All I’m going to say is that it is not my prerogative to make people look like fools.

They can do that on their own.


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