Dressing Up Baby

A cousin of mine is having a baby and, from my understanding (which is shaky, because our family doesn’t communicate very well), it’s a girl.  Congrats to all involved and whatnot.

Point is, I feel obligated to come up with some sort of gift, particularly since this is this cousin’s first.  Since I’m both a) broke, b) pretty savvy with a sewing machine, and c) have access to all kinds to fabric, making a cute little jacket or hat or something seems to be the route to go.

Now here’s the trouble: freeform sewing and I are not the world’s best buddies.  I’ve found patterns that are…okay, but not really all that cute and girly.  (Since I’ve got the opportunity to do girly, lets do girly.)  In the past, my attempts at embellishing patterns have had mixed results.  Fortunately, I have learned from these mistakes and have decided that merely adding lace to a jacket pattern is not the way to go.  The only child-friendly lace I have is three inches wide.  Putting that around the collar and the cuffs would make her look like Liberace.  Or like a clown.  I recognize there might not be much of a difference.

More importantly, I know what I’d like, but I’m not my cousin.  I still feel my wedding gift to them was touch-and-go and it was soap, for Pete’s sake.  We don’t have a lot of communication outside of the occasional Facebook comment.  I try to keep up with my cousins, but, frankly, I am very much a geek and they are very much not.  I have a broad range of interests, but somehow we still don’t overlap much.

Right, back on topic.  Baby clothes.

Fabric is also an issue.  So many types are labeled, “Not Suitable for Children’s Sleepwear” and all most babies do is sleep.  Moreover, I’m not quite sure what “Not Suitable for Children’s Sleepwear” means.  I thought it meant that it wasn’t fire-retardant, but that doesn’t make any sense.  The only fiber truly fire-retardant is asbestos and I don’t have to describe the issues with putting that on a baby.  Besides, if children are spontaneously combusting, there are a lot more problems than merely the wrong sort of sleepwear.

I can’t think of any other reason for sleepwear to be fire-retardant – can you?  And don’t give me that business about “in case they don’t wake up if there’s a fire.”  Any parent worth their salt will have smoke alarms.  Most babies don’t sleep through doorbells.  They’ll either be up or already dead.

Back on topic.  This stream-of-consciousness style of writing will be the death of my career, I’m certain of it.

So…fabric choice, pattern choice, can I embellish, should I make a try for ruffles or just stick with edging?  The indecision has ground this project to a halt and it’s already behind schedule.  Clearly, I do not have a career in fashion ahead of me.


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