Pinned – Like a Bug to a Board

I went on Pinterest today with the intention of hunting up project ideas for Mother’s Day.  Rather than just sticking to my guns and going straight to the search box, I decided to scroll through what had popped up first.  This proved to be one of those little windows into how people think and what they use the internet for.

For starters, the target audience is clearly female, between the ages of 18 and 35, who have a crafty streak and not a lot of money.  Because of this, most of the popular pins can fall into one of four categories: 1) beauty projects, 2) quotes, 3) craft projects and 4) food porn.

I use the term beauty projects to encompass everything from fashion and makeup to diets and workouts.  A sub-category of this is probably anything that comes under: how to be attractive to the opposite sex- which, if we have to be honest with ourselves, girls – is whole point of beauty projects anyway.

Okay, perhaps that’s too broad.  We all like to feel attractive, whether men are looking or not.

Anyway, for a slice of what I’m talking about, here’s a few of the things I uncovered:

An American flag bikini; fingernails painted with glittery chevrons; an article titled “How to captivate a man and make him fall in love;” two titled, “The one reason men fall in love;” a DIY formula for clean, white nails; and a tulle skirt – that’s the stuff they make tutus out of – with the comment, “Of all the things I need in my life, a tulle skirt just went to the top of the list.”  I’ll amid it looks fun, but I’m not sure what I’d wear it with or where I’d wear it without getting made fun of in the worst way possible.  And this doesn’t cover the dozens of pins about hair, Halloween makeup, and shoes.

Interesting.  Clearly, some of this is legit – the internet is a great place for neat makeup tricks, finding new hairstyles, or learning how to do fingernail art.  Some of it…not so cool.  “The one reason men fall in love”?  Really?  I have a brother and lots of male friends – there is more than one reason men fall in love.  Pretty sure about that.

Okay, next category: quotes.  There are massive amounts of quotes on Pinterest that range from sappy to profound and you have to decided which is which on your own.  I collect quotes and I’m fully aware that one that sounds profound to someone else is downright offensive to other people.  The one I’m thinking of is: “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost,” from the Dalai Lama – which, when viewed in certain lights – say, a religious one – really upsets some people.  I know why, but I’ll play stupid just this once and pretend otherwise.

Craft projects are one of the really big categories and the chief reason I go on Pinterest.  If I want to know how to make a wall mounted planter or how to do a specific beading or sewing trick, I tend hit Pinterest for answers.  There’s lots of neat stuff on there – I’m intrigued by the DIY chalkboard refrigerator and amused by the bookshelf built around the toilet paper holder.  I’m also kinda excited by the mask and superhero capes for kid’s birthday parties – almost makes me which I was young enough to request that.

Moving on…

The final category covers all the tasty deserts and fancy, themed, brilliantly presented food you love to look at, but will never, ever make – or if you do try to make it, it won’t look half as good – hence the name “food porn.”  Rainbow macaroons, rolled French toast, cinnamon rolls with bacon in them, cordon bleu lasagna – those are just a sampling of what’s out there – all of them claiming to be “fun and easy.”  Perhaps, but I’m not going to whip them up on a whim.  As much as I like cooking, there’s no reason for me to make a cupcake buffet or avocado fries.

Though I might hang on to that lasagna recipe – that looks pretty tasty.

Focus, girl, focus.

Anyway, there’s lots of other neat things on Pinterest – I’ve just hit the broad categories.  They have some neat art on there and some really cool photography.  They have a ton of great decorating ideas and all kinds of neat architecture.  Though the target audience is female, I’m sure there’s something for everyone on there.  Okay…reasonably sure.

Have fun.


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