Lair, Lair

This is another prompt from 642 Things to Write About.  It goes: You know the person with whom you are talking is lying.  Do you confront him or let him continue?

Ooo – let him continue, by all means.  I think people who are trying to lie to me are funny.

Now, I don’t define a lie to be a direct contradiction to what I think is right and responsible.  That’s just an opinion.  I’ll listen to those too – I like listening to most opinions.  That’s why I ask vegetarians why they chose that lifestyle.  But a lie is a direct contraction of the facts.

Truth told, lairs kinda annoy me.  That’s why I try to be amused – it’s healthier than being pissed off.  And it really throws off someone who is lying to you if you look like you’re trying to not laugh.  They start going, “Is something funny?”

The best reply to this is, “No, no – do continue.”

And they do.  They always do.  And I try to let them continue – because I know they’re just digging themselves in deeper.  Then at the end of the conversation, if I think they merit it, I’ll tell them they’re wrong.  How they react to this will tell you a lot about the person you’re talking to.

Sometimes though, I’ll just let them walk away.  I pick and choose my battles.  I’m also lazy and sometimes I just don’t feel like going through the whole falderal of proving them wrong.  I’ll let someone who feels more strongly about that subject do so.

Or this is the facade I try to keep on.  Sometimes, when someone is lying to me and both of us know we’re lying, I just shake my head and bid them good day.  There’s not point in being rude or getting angry – it’s a waste of energy, because people who are lying and know it aren’t likely to admit they’re lying.  That would defeat the purpose.

Sometimes if I can, I’ll lead them on with neutral questions that say, “I know you’re lying and you know you’re lying – more importantly, you know I know you’re lying.  Give me the spiel if you must, but I’m going to ignore you unless I need to know something.”

Generally, this is reserved for salespeople who are trying to push an inferior product.  If they’re smart enough to recognize I’m doing it, they write me off as a lost cause without a lot of fuss, because I haven’t actually been rude to them.  They’re just trying to make a living, same as the rest of us.  I may not like it, but people will do worse to keep from starving.

If they’re not smart enough – or just not observant enough – to figure out I’m having them on, then it doesn’t make a difference.   Okay, well, it does to me, but I think it’s funny.


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