Stress and Other Matters

The clock is ticking slowly downwards here as the 14th, the date my flight to Germany leaves, grows closer.

Ugh – why can’t I be one of those people who throws themselves into work when they get stressed, rather than one of those people who runs and hides inside of books and video games.

The trouble is that so many important things can’t get done until the last minute – or possibly beyond the last minute.  Packing can’t happen until 2 days before I leave at the earliest.  Cell phone service has to wait until I get over there – most major cell lines in the States don’t serve overseas.  (Mexico – yes.  Canada – under duress.  Europe – nope.)  Money also has to be changed over there – the places that do it here want more time in advance than I have to give them.  Banking is…up in the air right now.  I have to do a little research.

But I need to finish this workbook CELTA has sent me and go over their DVD.  I want to spend more time with Rosetta Stone because I haven’t gotten to spend any time with it for at least a month.  CDs need to get loaded on my computer, copies have to be made of important documents, and the window I’m making for my friends has to get finished.

And, as usual, I’m worrying that I’ve forgotten something or that something will go horribly wrong.  I’m not getting enough exercise, I can’t sleep, and I’m can’t focus on anything for longer than five minutes.  I have no idea how I’m going to do as a teacher – I wonder what it says about me that I’m more concerned about being a bad teacher than I am about hating teaching.  My parents are worrying and nothing I do or say is going to help them.  They want to know what my plans are, but they’re pretty much privy to all of them already.  And everyone is more than happy to give me advice.

So, yes, horribly stressed, extremely busy and very worried.  There will be a better post next week I hope, but don’t hold your breath at this point.


One thought on “Stress and Other Matters

  1. Crap…not sure what I can do but pray for ya. If we were ever around one another I would distract you with fun geek pop culture stuff to talk about. 🙂


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