Spiders, Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies

Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten…edgy…about bugs.  I won’t go straight to saying I’m afraid of them.  I don’t scream and freak out every time I meet one.  But I’ve gotten leery of them when I meet them indoors.  One of my predominate reasons is this:


That is the bottom of 18 ounce jar that once held marmalade.  The spider I caught last year in one of the recording studios at the radio station where I work.  I decided it was too large to squish, so I put it outside.  I don’t know if it came back or if it had a sibling, but two weeks later I met another one of the same size, also inside the recording studio.  I was unable to catch that one.  I suspect it’s still alive, hanging around somewhere.  I hope someone else finds it.

This is the same studio that was once invaded by centipedes at about 11:30 at night.  And I do mean invaded.  I counted 26 within 60 seconds, all over the downstairs area of the building.  It was my third night on the job and I almost quit.  I related it to our tech guy and the exterminator was called the next day.

It’s not just at work.  I was at a friend’s house playing Pathfinder one night and a stinkbug fell on my face while I was taking a drink.  I freaked out and flung my drink away, ruining two people’s character sheets and reference cards.  My friends thought this was hilarious and have not let me live it down.

Oh, and this doesn’t go into the stuff I’ve found in my hair.  The same friends that are giving me grief about the drink thing had previously removed a stinkbug from my hair.  On another occasion I found a spider there, which just about ruined my morning.  I didn’t need coffee after that.

I do okay with bugs outside.  I managed to dig up an entire garden bed yesterday, including several immature cicadas, dozens of earthworms and an entire nest of ants.  But I was extremely unhappy about the tick I found on my bathroom trashcan when I was cleaning up afterwards.  This is the second one this year.  The only positive thing is they both were clearly very hungry.  They died that way.  I don’t feel about about this at all.

….Okay, not going to lie, just writing this post is making my skin crawl.  Maybe I am afraid of bugs just a little.



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