Having joined WordPress University…

…I am now supposed to write a post on who I am and why I’m here.

Okay, so I’m not exactly the right demographic for Blogging: Fundamentals, since it’s aimed at new bloggers, but let’s call it the refresher for the course I never took.  Still, since I signed up, I’ll take a crack at this.

I am…hm…a sarcastic geeky gamer chick with eclectic interests and a slightly bitter streak.  Yes, that is a good nutshell description.  I am blogging because…er…because

…drat.  What am I doing here?

*snaps fingers*  I remember now!  I am blogging because writers are supposed to have a blog.  Strange Salmagundi’s original intention was to get my writing out on the internet, without attempting to focus on a single subject, since I tend not to really obsess about anything.  In hindsight, I can probably do an entire blog on tabletop RPGs and board games.  I might pick that up one day.

Those are the ideals anyway – the elevator pitch for the blog.  In reality, Strange Salmagundi has turned out to be a soapbox on my personal internet street corner, where I can air my opinions to the world, who, judging by my average readership, isn’t listening very well.  (Apologies to all six of my readers.)  The “theme,” or lack thereof, has more or less stayed the same.  This blog is still as random as hell.  I’d actually like to get away from the more serious stuff and focus on single, narrow subjects, like the post I once did on peas.

Part of this trip through WordPress U is an attempt to refocus the blog’s brand and expand the readership through networking and social media.  This is corporate-speak for: this ain’t working and I need to do something else, like maybe the thing I set out to do in the first place.  Oh, and get more readers.  Readers would be great.  I like it when people read my work, even if they hate it.  So, to all six of my current readers, expect to be seeing some changes in the next few weeks.  Maybe I’ll even make some sort of final decision on this photo vs. no photo thing.

The second part of the reality behind Strange Salmagundi is my personal description “a sarcastic geeky gamer chick with eclectic interests and a slightly bitter streak” is accurate, but it doesn’t explain why I spend a lot of time news stories (I work as a news announcer for a radio station) or why I don’t post weekly.  The official reason listed on my FAQ is that I don’t get paid for the blog, so it falls to the wayside if I get busy.  Though this is occasionally true, the reality of it is that I get…low.  I suffer from major depressive disorder and some days all I can do is the stuff I absolutely have to do, like go to work and brush my teeth.  I don’t talk about in in the blog too often, but it shows up as a dark, extremely angry undercurrent in many of my posts.

In an attempt to end on this post on a higher note, for those of you who weren’t here for my real first post, salmagundi means any mixture or miscellany.  It is also a type of meat salad.


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