Wash That Outta my Hair

This is my 100th post on Strange Salmagundi!  YAY!  Achievement earned!  I only wish I had something special to talk about.  But I don’t, so today I’m tackling the Daily Prompt with the topic of showering!

Yep, you read that right.  Showering.  Bathing in general, actually, but mostly showering, because there’s very little relaxing about soaking in a standard-sized bathtub when you’re an adult.  I have a small-ish build, can scratch my ears with my feet (no, not lying or kidding) and I still don’t fit comfortably in a bathtub.  So, showers are pretty much my go-to method of cleaning up.

Some people shower in the morning, claiming it helps them wake up.  I shower at night because I use it as an eraser – a cleansing of the mind as well as the body.  I can scrub a bad day off my skin, rinse an argument down the drain and, though I’ve never washed a man out of my hair, I’ve certain scrubbed a few failed projects out of it.  Showers are my moment of focused relaxation in a world where it feels like everything is shoved in my face all of the time.

It’s also the place where I can isolate myself and be alone.  Introverted by nature, I find extended exposure to people (even my friends and family) trying after a while.  When you shower, you close the door, pull the curtain across and you’re in your own little room where you’re oh-so-definitely-cannot-be-disturbed busy.  While I know this isn’t true if you have children or pushy siblings, I only have the cat and she wants nothing to do with the shower.  In fact, she panics when it comes on and she can’t escape the bathroom.  But people who’ll bug me while I’m writing or napping won’t bother me in the shower because 9 times out of 10 I can’t fix the problem they have while I’m soaking wet and covered in soap.

My favorite kind of showers though are the ones I feel I’ve earned.  The showers when I was soaked in muddy water, the ones where I had to scrub the smell of dead fish out of my skin and the ones where I was able to strip the layers of stage makeup off my face and body.   The single best shower I’ve ever had was during a tech week in college – I hadn’t showered in 4 days and after I finally got a chance, I just sat in class thinking, “I’m clean.  I’m CLEAN!  WHEE!” and just being happy.  For, like, the next two days.

But mostly I just like that feeling of renewal – I come out of the shower feeling like a new person.  It’s my emotional version of turning a computer off and then back on again.  It fixes a lot of problems.



3 thoughts on “Wash That Outta my Hair

  1. I too prefer the night time shower. But yes when you are a mother the shower is no longer your own. If I have to shower when they are awake there is a parade of important questioners, the dogs stares at me & scratch /whine until I clean the steam off enough glass so they can see me, and the youngest cat needs another steam window so he can see me from the sink. Privacy; what is this strange word?

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