Irresistible Feline Temptation

It’s not mice.  It’s not string.  It’s not even tuna.  It is, in fact, tampons.

After percolating ideas on ‘tempted’ in my brain for most of the day, this one struck me while I was cleaning out my purse in front of the cat.  (Mind you, this is because I shoved her off said purse first.)  My ‘cleaning out’ consists of upending the purse and shaking vigorously, then checking the pockets for particularly stubborn items.  I was on part 2 of this process when my little kitty’s eyes fell on a loose tampon that had escaped from its carrying case.

Her eyes lit up and I immediately dropped what I was doing to snatch it off the floor and put it away.  My cat loves tampons.  Something about that cotton-filled cardboard tube with its paper covering just hits the spot as far as toys go.

I can’t say I’m entirely blind to her point of view.  Tampons are light, easily to carry and have the novelty of change – once you tear off the paper, there’s cardboard and cotton and string, which is generally her favorite toy when tampons aren’t available.

At about 25 cents a tampon, I guess its not a horrendously expensive toy, but I have other, highly personal uses for them.  I refuse to use them for my purposes after she’s done with them and she, quite reasonably, refuses to use them after I’m done.  I am very grateful for this – especially from the cat who raids trash bins if she smells anything organic inside.  (She won’t necessarily eat it, but she will drag it out in the middle of the floor and leave there.)

Fortunately, Samus isn’t the type to raid bags in general or this might be a bigger problem.  She’s a big believer in, “curiosity killed the cat” and she has no interest in investigating anything new – unless its food, in which case its fair game.

Okay, so there’s no particular point to today’s little interlude, which might start the year off on a bad foot, but, time being relative, I’m telling myself not to let it bother me.  Samus isn’t the only one tempted by things and I’ve been horribly distracted all week and really haven’t wanted to post.  I certainly didn’t get it done yesterday, so I’ve already dropped the ball on getting a post out every Thursday.  Sometimes you have to go, “Well, I guess there’s always next week.”

via Daily Prompt: Tempted


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