The Garden Plot

Well, I finally did it.  I gave up on my berry patch.

Yeah, it was fun.  Yeah, it took me years to get a decent berry patch going.  Yeah, they made good jam.

Nope.  Still not feeling sorry.  I ripped the damn thing out of the ground last month.  The plants sucked the soil dry of nutrients, the berries were plagued by worms and I acquired a rash every time I had to go picking, which, at the height of the season, was every day.

Done.  Completely and utterly done.  The bushes came out, as did the crabgrass and violets that had worked their way in.  The 8×8 bed was emptied and raked smooth.

And I learned I can’t stand an empty flowerbed.  I intended to let it lie fallow for a year, but…nope – can’t.

I decided to grow sunflowers instead of vegetables though.  Just sunflowers.

Then my dad gave me some leftover seeds from the church’s community garden.  Most of them are beyond their starting point, but there’s still time for ronde de nice zucchini and the purple basil.

And I learned that, like an empty flowerbed, I can’t let a seed packet go to waste either.  *sigh*  So I got dad to pick up some fertilizer.  Four days later I went and picked up compost – which, by the way, went straight on the garden.  Then I thoroughly cleaned my car.  That stuff was relatively unpleasant, but I felt pretty good once it was down.

Then I remembered I needed deer fencing.  Crud.

I’m still working on the deer fencing, but I’m also trying to figure out what else to plant, aside from sunflowers, zucchini and basil.  No one has any recommendations.  No one wants anything specific.  One friend half-jokingly suggested carrots, but since then I’ve learned those needed to be started a month ago.  I’m not doing tomatoes again – I’m sick of fighting with them.  It’s too late for parsley.  I hate broccoli.  I don’t have the space for squash, which I also hate.  I’m tired of bush beans and snow peas.  I’ve never had success with peppers.  I’m leery of spinach, because I have this absolutely arbitrary fear of eating something leafy that I think is the spinach I grew, but is, in fact, a poisonous weed.  Radishes?  How much can you culinary do with a radish?

And how do I lay it out?  The Farmers Almanac swears by north to south rows, but they also supply tables so you can grow by the phases of the moon, so who knows what kind of idea this is.  I have an ideal space for square foot gardening, but I don’t actually have/like most of the vegetables they recommend.  And I have to decide what I’m growing before I can really organize a vegetable bed anyway.

Corn?  Not enough space.  Hot peppers?  No one will eat them.  Cilantro?  *sigh*



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