Asking Mother Nature for a Face Punch

…Also known as whitewater rafting, which I did last Thursday.  It was my brother’s idea.  He decided the best way for us to get to know his girlfriend was to spend 8 hours in rubber raft together, all seriously assessing our level of sanity.

It turned out to be a lot more effective, and fun, then the description sounds.  Retrospect fun in some ways, but fun.

That being said…I went to the doctor yesterday for a hand injury sustained during the trip.  I can honestly say I know when did it:

whitewater raft lower railroad surfing 7-2017
I am the furthest yellow helmet on the right.  Yep, the one that looks its being eaten by whitewater.

…but how is still a mystery.  As you can see from the picture, I was busy at the time.

I’m also not sure what I did.  It looks like the tendon isn’t tracking in the knuckle groove, but I’m not a doctor, so why it looks like that is still a mystery.

It’s not my only injury.  I’m also sporting some championship bruises:

whitewater raft arm bruise 7-2017


whitewater raft leg bruise 7-2017

And, despite my goal of not getting sunburned this summer, seriously fried the tops of my legs and arms.  My brother and I also had a good go at breaking my nose – he was pulling me into the boat, which is done by grabbing the life jacket of the person in the river and falling backwards into the boat.  (For the record: I had gotten out on my own volition.)  He grabbed and fell back in the property prescribed manner and my nose slammed into his knee.  Fortunately, my nose didn’t break, but any harder and it probably would have.

Anyway, back to the hand.  I took it to the doctor Wednesday and she sent me for x-rays.  And I’ve got to say, whitewater rafting acts as an icebreaker on a level I couldn’t have expected.  You say you went rafting and, if the other person has gone, they will tell you all kinds of things.  I learned the doctor had gone with her husband, who has a fear of drowning.  I learned the x-ray tech had gone, initially thinking he was going on a fishing trip, which turned out to be a lot more exciting than he’d bargained for.  This is same man who didn’t have more than a dozen words for me during my last set of x-rays, when I’d injured my shoulder climbing.  Also with my brother.

Hm….I’m sensing a couple common denominators here.  I should stop letting him talk me into these things – not that he ever has to be very convincing.  I’m the type of person who’ll go, “Something new and possibly dangerous?  Sure,” more often then I should.

Next time though, I think we need to do something less crazy.  Flatwater kayaking, maybe.  Paddleboarding.  Biking on a nice, safe trail.  Hot air ballooning.  Anything that doesn’t leave me injured.



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