Contact Info and Bio

Autumn Mentink is an freelance writer working out of an undisclosed location in West Virginia.  She has been to Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Denmark, as well as traveled the US and Canada.  She lives with her parents and three spoiled rotten cats.  She has been a coffee minion barrista, a Disney ride operator, a sound tech, a giant frog mascot and currently works as a news announcer.  Her hobbies include roleplaying games and being angry.  Her favorite superhero is Deadpool and her drink of choice is a Bloody Mary.

If you’d like to contact her, please send an email to:

2 thoughts on “Contact Info and Bio

  1. Loved your Xmas newsletter. Your dad was my first co-op boss at DuPont back in 1985 – which makes me old now but your dad much much older! Love your writing and hearing about your family. May you and your boyfriend work in the same state sometime soon! I’ll have to write your mom when all my xmas guests leave!

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